ID Cards

Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL) Player and Coach Identification Cards (passes)

Instructions for All PCSSL Teams

1. An AYSO “Player Identification Card” must be completed for EACH of your spring league team’s PLAYERS and COACHES. NO CARD -- NO PLAY or COACH!

2. Only OFFICIAL AYSO PLAYER CARDS CAN BE USED (see sample below). Your AYSO region may have some blank cards or they can be purchased directly from the AYSO store (, or call 888-297-6786 and ask for Item #AY-CS003, 80 cards for $6-$9)

3. For coaches (both head and assistant) - use the SAME cards as the Player cards with the coach certification level listed in the Division field.

4. If your region used AYSO player ID cards for your fall season, you may use those same ID cards for players and coaches in PCSSL as long as the AYSO ID cards shown below were used and the cards were completed in accordance with the guidelines in section 6 which follow. You still need to submit these fall player/coach ID cards to the appropriate PCSSL registrar so that we can verify that the player/coach is listed on your approved spring league roster and, once verified, to apply the spring league stamp to the card.

5. If your team doesn’t have usable ID cards from their fall AYSO season, any newly prepared spring league ID cards should have the “SEASON” field completed with the current “my year” (MY). August 1st starts the Current MY and is valid through July 31 of the following year.

6. Whether you’re planning to use a player/coach ID card from your fall AYSO season or a newly created ID card for the spring PCSSL season, each card needs to contain the following at a minimum:

  • a. EACH CARD must be signed by your Regional Commissioner (RC) or your region’s designated PCSSL representative.
  • b. The “AYSO ID NUMBER” (Player ID number for Players; Volunteer ID number for Coaches/Asst. Coaches) found within EAYSO must be provided on the card for each player/coach and must match that submitted in the eAYSO roster.
  • c. The player cards must have the “DOB” (date of birth) on them; for coaches “DOB” information is optional.
  • d. For each ID Card, please also ensure that the gender (M or F) information is provided, that the AYSO Region number in which they’re registered as a player or volunteer is shown, and their division (age group) information (i.e., U12) is provided. For coach ID cards, the division field should list the highest level of coach certification (e.g. U-12 Coach, Advanced Coach, etc.)
  • e. A current head and shoulders close up picture must be glued to each card within the rectangular space for these photos (do not obscure any of the filled out fields).

7. A copy of your team’s RC approved Blue Sombrero roster must be on file from team registration or must accompany the cards.

8. The cards MUST BE SEPARATED – please do NOT turn them in as one sheet. If these are new, unlaminated, ID cards, please do not laminate your cards before submission -- we need to stamp the card with the correct mark for the current season and the PCSSL Registrars will laminate for you when they process your cards.

9. Your team’s ID cards ultimately need to be submitted to your Area’s PCSSL Registrar. Contact information can be found in both the PCSSL application packet as well as on the PCSSL Board listing on the web site. Each registrar usually has a box near their front door where you can drop off (do it as soon as possible) and pick up (pick up location after the February Coach meeting) ID cards. If you need to communicate with one of the registrars, try sending them an email.

10. Your team’s ID cards need to be submitted to the Area 2A, 2B, 2C, 2J, or 2N registrar at least two weeks prior to the mandatory PCSSL Coach meeting in order to ensure that they will be ready for you to pick them up at the PCSSL Coach meeting. Cards that are problem-free which are submitted two weeks prior to the meeting will be handed back to the coaches at the Coaches Meeting. Cards received AFTER this date will probably NOT BE READY in time for the meeting and coaches will need to travel to pick these up directly from the registrar.

11. As long as everything is in order, submitted ID cards will be returned laminated with the PCSSL stamp at the PCSSL Coach meeting. Any incomplete/incorrect cards will also be returned to you AT THAT MEETING and must be resubmitted to the appropriate PCSSL Registrar (placed in the box by their front door) and they will in turn be ready for pick up from these same boxes.

12. You have up until your team has played 3 games during the spring league season to add players to your team’s roster, however, you can’t change your originally submitted team roster more than 3 times! When you are looking to change your team’s roster, you’ll need to submit your updated roster to your RC for their approval (make sure they sign it). Then prepare and submit any new player ID cards, along with a copy of the updated roster, to the appropriate PCSSL Registrar. If everything is in order, any newly submitted ID cards which we receive on a given day should be ready for pick up 2 days later. If we see any problems with what’s been submitted we’ll do our best to email or call you.

13. Registrars may try to keep extra blank AYSO player ID cards in the boxes by our front door if that’s a convenient option for you.

14. PCSSL Registrars are volunteers doing a vital job for PCSSL at the same time they are trying to help you. If you are nice to them, they can be very helpful. If you upset them there are no good workarounds. The standing advice: ask, don't assume.

Sample AYSO Player Identification Cards