Team Registration

Registration Dates

Registration for 2019 is now closed, but as of February 11th we do have a few open slots that we'd like to fill. If you are interested in playing in PCSSL in 2019, send a message to to see if there may still be an open slot in our tables.

Registration for the Spring 2019 PCSSL season is still open, as of January 2018. The main application deadline was Friday, January 25th, 2019 but late registrations (at an increased cost) are accepted until Sunday February 10th.

Registration Fees

The 2019 registration fee was $150 per team, but $250 per team for late registration.

Application Packet

2019 packet is here. [last updated 12/20/2018]

Download a copy of this team application packet, much of the information you need is there. Pages 3, 4, and 5 need to be mailed to the listed address along with a check to cover the fees. Applications must be mailed early enough to be received ahead of the deadlines.

Mandatory Coach Meeting

There will be a mandatory meeting for all PCSSL coaches to cover rules and processes and to discuss balancing teams in flights for each age division. Tuesday, February 12th, 7pm, Quinlan Community Center, 10185 North Stelling Road, Cupertino. At least one coach from every team is required to attend -- all are welcome!


The Spring 2019 PCSSL league rules are expected to be similar to last year.

Expected changes for 2019:

  • We are working on a "3-before-4" baseline for playing time rather than just 50% (before any player can play 4 quarters every [eligible] player must have played 3). [The vast majority of the regions included have some form of 3-before-4 rule, and as a development league we are erring on the side of player development over competitiveness in the league -- your weekend tournaments may have looser requirements.]

Click Here to access the latest PCSSL Rules.

Player and Coach ID Cards

Player and Coach ID Cares ARE REQUIRED to play. Click Here for complete instructions on Player and Coach Identification Cards.

Roster Changes

Please try to keep roster changes to a minimum and best to finalize when you submit your Player and Coach ID Cards. If you need to change your team's roster, please coordinate this directly with your Area Registrar (see PCSSL Board for contact information). We will allow roster changes through your 3rd game of the season. Please read the PCSSL Rules for further information.