As a league that spans more than two dozen different AYSO regions spread across more than 50 miles there is no way one set of definitions will work for everyone. Every region has its own issues with field rules, with rain-outs and other closures, with referee styles, with player availability, and so on... To pull off what we do, PCSSL is very dependent upon coaches taking a bit of time and making sure that both teams are on the same page.

Every Game, Contact Your Opposing Coach Days In Advance

Starting at least a few days ahead of your game (we suggest no later than Thursday), take a few moments and reach out to your opposing coach. Contact information for every team is in the MySoccerLeague system that we use for everything in PCSSL. Team information can be found by going to the schedule for your division, on that page above the schedule are two "expandable" areas ("Standings" and "Teams"), clicking on the "Show" button will expose that table.

When you do reach out, check to learn any useful information about the game (status of their team [and if your uniform colors conflict], quirks of the field and/or parking, any potential gotchas with referees or weather, or whatever).

For each opponent learn the best ways for both coaches to remain in contact right up until game time -- conditions change, but teams may be able to adjust accordingly if both coaches can stay in touch so they can work together. Agree in advance what methods are best to communicate before game day (some like email, others prefer home phone) and also agree what methods are best on game day (some coaches work multiple games each day so cellphones are the only way to reach them, others have assistant coaches that are easier to reach on game day, and so on...)

Update the "Team Officials" in MySoccerLeague

When teams are entered into the system, in many cases coach information is carried over from previous years -- check that this information covers how you want to be contacted (see "Edit Personal Info", [help page]). If you have assistants or team-managers who are better to reach, be sure to add them to the list of "Team Officials" for your team (see "Team Officials", [help page]).

Rain Outs and Other Cancellations

Nobody likes to miss a game, but there are forces well outside our control that affects whether we can play.

PCSSL does not make decisions about cancellations. The home region decides if local conditions allow play (or not). The away team needs to be prepared to play even if their own region may be closed (conditions vary and criteria vary, do not assume your opponent agrees with your region). It is considered a forfeit if an away team does not show for a game that the home team is willing and able to play (just like it is considered a forfeit if an away team is willing and able and the home team cannot play or cannot provide a field and referee). The referee of each game is the final decider regarding if and when conditions during the game become unsafe (the referee's authority for "during the game" is considered to start when the teams and the referees arrive to warm up for that game), in these cases the referee will announce their decision to those at the field and then will later notify the league.

As soon as the home region makes a decision that forces a game to not be playable as scheduled, the home coach needs to reach out to the opposing coach as well as notifying PCSSL (send email to: the Director, the Scheduler, and the Referee Admin).

In the event that the home region closes their fields, PCSSL will attempt to reschedule games for a later date, but we make no promise that we can find a playable solution (and that solution might involve non-standard exceptions: teams playing two games on the same day, games on Saturday instead of Sunday, games in alternate locations).

Note: Regions may be forced to close fields for a variety of issues. Rain is the perennial cause of closures, but we've suffered "smoke outs" and other health issues that are determined by the home region when such conditions make play unsafe, and from broken water mains to animal-caused damage there are a myriad of other reasons why schools and other facilities may become unavailable on short notice. Stay in contact with your opponent, please.