MySoccerLeague, powered by (YSL) is where you will find your game schedule, see standings, information on fields, add and delete team officials, change your team name and color and for coaches to report game results. For Referees, please visit the PCSSL Referees page for more information.

All coaches and team managers have been set up with an account in If you have forgotten your login name or your password, click on USER LOGIN, select Forgot Your Password, type in your Email address and click Submit Email Address. An Email will be sent to you with the subject A message from Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League which will let you know your login name and password.

TO REPORT YOUR GAME RESULT, select the View Team option and click on the Make Report option for the game you wish to report the score for. Enter the score and click on the Save Reports button. MySoccerLeague will not allow for the result to be entered until after the game time has passed. Please contact the game scheduler to report a forfeit.

TO CHANGE YOUR TEAM NAME or TEAM COLOR, select the Edit Team option, make the necessary changes and click Save Changes.

TO ADD A COACH or TEAM OFFICIAL, select the Edit Team option, select Team Officials at the top, enter in the role, title and first initial and last name then click Add Official. If the person you are adding already exists, you will be asked to confirm that person, otherwise, you will be presented with an information screen to fill out the rest of the new users record. If the user is new, this person will be Emailed their login name and initial password.

ROSTERs - team rosters do not need to be entered into MySoccerLeague and the PCSSL Board makes no attempt to do so. We as a league are charged based on the number of games that are scheduled, not teams nor player counts.

TO CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Email address, phone number, address or password, select Edit Personal Info at the top of your home page, update the necessary data and click Change Data. The change password box is in the lower left portion of the screen.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LOGIN ACCESS, you can log in as a guest user to view standings and results. Click on SCHEDULES at the top of the main page and select Pacific Coach Spring Soccer League from the pull-down list of choices.