Game Cards

AYSO Game Cards

Properly filled out game cares ARE REQUIRED for each game.

Please use official AYSO game cards, or a very close facsimile -- the size is important or else the referees cannot easily carry them without crumpling them, and the thickness is important or else the referees cannot easily write on them without tearing them. The correct size is 1/4 of a legal size page (one quarter of 8.5 inches by 14 inches). The correct thickness is "card stock".

Please fill out your team information (Region, age group, name, coaches name, etc), you can leave "Date" and "Opposing Team" to be filled out at game time.

Please list your players in Jersey number order. First names only are OK, we need only enough of each player's name to be unique (so that players can be matched to Blue Sombrero rosters if necessary). Remember, you may have everyone's name down cold, but your referees know your players only by their number -- be sure the numbers are clear and unique, and sorting by jersey number means the referees spend more time looking at the players rather than looking all up and down the game cards.

Finally, please take the time to print your game cards before game day. There are "PDF Forms" versions of the cards that can be filled out on a computer and then printed. There are even facsimiles that people have hacked in Excel. But small cards with a dozen or more names is really hard to write by hand, and legibility is important for the referees and for the other league officials.

Note: Properly filled out game cards are clearly required by the PCSSL Rules. Lack of game cards can be grounds for a game not being played (4.02), and improperly filled out cards may lead to point deductions against the team (2.09). Besides, no coach wants to start a game with the referees already unhappy just because of the paperwork...