Seems like no coach is happy with paperwork. We all would much rather be out on the field...

Still, paperwork is key to making any of this league actually work. If you've ever had a complaint about something in this league, there's a decent chance we can chase at least a partial solution back to the (lack of) original paperwork.

Take a few minutes, make yourself familiar with each of these items before your first game. These are all pretty simple if you know them before you need to use them, but surprises can be difficult at game time if you haven't taken those few minutes beforehand.

  • MySoccerLeague, basic league operations (schedules, rankings, and contact information).
  • Player (and coach) ID Cards, if you've ever wondered if your opponent has stacked their team.
  • AYSO Game Cards, if you every worry that the referee missed or forgot something it is on the game card.
  • Substitution Timesheets, (for the U16 and U19 divisions) everybody plays, but there is much more here about a balanced team.


Don't leave the paperwork to the last minute, that is just encouraging Murphy's Law to strike.

Take a few moments a day or two early and make sure you have everything you need. Fill out game cards (and timesheets) on a computer ahead of time and keep an extra set of printed copies (simpler to keep players in sorted order, much easier to read, and trivial to have an extra copy in case one gets lost or soaked or whatever...)

For your ID Cards, get started early -- it can be surprisingly difficult sometimes to get photographs and everything else for all your players. Consider bringing your own camera to a practice and take your own ID photos of each player. Make sure the photos you use fit within the box outline on the player card (so that all the other stuff, including the PCSSL "stamp" is easy to read). Our registrars prefer to laminate your IDs for you (allows us to ensure that the PCSSL "stamp" is safe and protected along with all of the players' information).

The PCSSL registrars are volunteers just like you. Be nice to them if you want them to help you meet your deadlines.