Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League

Welcome to AYSO's Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League!

The Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL) is an AYSO run league which enables AYSO Regions on and near the San Francisco Peninsula (AYSO Areas 2A, 2B, 2C, 2J, and 2N) to have a "select" soccer program during the spring season to complement the normal primary programs run by these regions and areas.

Games are played on Sundays and the season runs from the first full weekend in March through the latter part of May or possibly into June. Each team is generally scheduled 8 games over these 12 weeks (each team is given the choice before the season starts to opt out of playing on certain weekends due to tournaments or other known conflicts). PCSSL is a league of teams and does not handle player or volunteer registration -- each team's home AYSO region is responsible for player registration, volunteer registration and obtaining fields for games to be played.

PCSSL 2020

Planning is underway for the Spring 2020 season. Registration for 2020 should open "mid December", at that time this website will be updated with the latest information. Until then, it is relatively safe to assume we will repeat much of what has made us a success for the last 20 years. See below for information based on our 2019 season which should be a good start for what we do for 2020. If you do have any early questions or suggestions feel free to reach out to Director@PCSSL.org.

PCSSL 2019

The Spring 2019 PCSSL season is from Sunday March 3rd through Sunday May 19th.

If you have questions or comments, contact Director@PCSSL.org.

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Note: This website underwent a major software upgrade during the off-season resulting in a significant change in appearance. All of the original content (and more) should now be available on this new version of the website, but if needed an archive of the older content is still available, https://sites.google.com/site/aysopcssl/

If there are any problems with this website, or if you have any comments, please reach out to our webmaster at "www@pcssl.org".