Tips for Coaches

For many coaches, PCSSL is "Competitive Soccer 101", the introductory class in competitive soccer. Welcome! This is where the game gets interesting!

However, for your success in PCSSL and for PCSSL's future success it is important to recognize that while PCSSL is competitive, we are not a competitive league -- PCSSL is a development league. First and foremost, we are here to develop ourselves and our players. Increased competition is how we create that next opportunity for learning and development, and we believe playing here can help you and your players improve. On the other hand, if your goal is to just win games, collect awards, and move on, then this is probably not the right place for your team [reach out and instead we can help connect you with better opportunities in other competitive leagues].

What PCSSL provides is an environment that should make participating in tournaments a more familiar experience. Most of our teams are "select", so the caliber of competition may be higher than what you've experienced in your AYSO Core program. Similarly, our referees may be a bit less forgiving here. Also, our paperwork is going to more like what is typical of tournaments (signed rosters, player id cards, et al). Logistically PCSSL is organized as an 8-game long tournament played out over about 12 weeks from March through May -- yet very purposefully there are no trophies to win in this tournament, the grand prize is a box of "Championship" t-shirts for everyone on the team. The end prize is not very grand -- the real prize is a chance to work together to learn what happens when we encounter some of that next level of competition.

The following are a few areas where we have collected some advice from successful coaches who have helped PCSSL grow and thrive.