Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League

COVID-19 Status Updates

March 13th 2021 Status

With the competitive sports starting to play, there is increasing interest in getting rec-level soccer going. Again, let us know if we can help. Some useful information is below, and we've started a page for this "PCSSL Lite" which will be updated as we figure out how to make this work for the teams that might be interested in more games than they can find locally. So far there about a dozen different AYSO teams we've heard from or been told of, with about half of those confirming they have enough players and are interested in finding games.

See this season's PCSSL Lite page for our latest information.

March 6th 2021 Status

As our covid conditions improve, so does the interest in playing soccer! We are collecting names of AYSO teams willing and able to play other regions, let us know if you are interested in a possible game outside your region and we'll add you to our tables.

With hope that the covid conditions will continue to improve, it is our advice to schedule your games for after your county reaches the "orange" tier unless your team has been has already been operating under weekly covid testing protocols (which is expected for club teams, but is not common at the rec levels). Additionally, it is expected that it will be difficult to find referees and other volunteers until vaccines are more readily available -- with lots of competitive sports ramping up quickly there is a very high demand for any available volunteers to officiate competitive events and not many referees have yet been able to qualify for vaccine appointments, hence the qualified volunteers are stretched very thin for the moment.

February 27th 2021 Status

On February 26th, Santa Clara county followed San Mateo to report they will be following the State of California guidelines for organized youth sports, which suggests that in both counties youth soccer games may soon be possible again, and if/when that happens PCSSL will seek to help AYSO teams that are ready and eager to play outside their region to connect with other teams in other AYSO regions that can host such games. As noted below this is not going to be a regular season (we are too late into the Spring to catch up now), this will just be whatever ad hoc games we can manage. If you want to play under these conditions, get in contact with us. The first thing we'll ask is for you to connect us with your RC and/or the region's staff that is supporting your team's games (fields, refs, whatever), so do make sure you know who is supporting your team. The next thing we'll ask is whether you are prepared for the extra challenges that will come with playing this Spring (without a pre-set schedule there will be a larger than usual logistical burden on the coaches, even with games permitted there will be extra health issues and requirements that you will be required to track [because we need to assume the rules will be changed as we go through all this], referee support may be minimal if available at all, and so on -- see the Feb 20th and November status updates below). We are all sorry that we've not been able to play this year, but if you are ready and willing we'd love to help your players find the best game we can!

February 20th 2021 Status

On February 19th, the State of California posted new guidelines for organized youth sports, which (to radically over-simplify) suggests youth soccer [as an outdoor high-contact sport] may be playable when the county's covid-tier is "orange" or better. We are not going to try to predict when our local counties can meet whatever are the required thresholds, but if/when they do, and if your region is able to support your players in games, and you meet all the other requirements [stay current with the guidelines, there are other notable requirements, and all of this is subject to change], then we'll see if we can't help you find a game. See the "November 2020 Status" below, everything there still stands -- we expect just about anything and pretty much everything we can do this season is going to be ad hoc and there will be no guarantees... But stay in contact with your Regional Commissioner and stay in contact with us, and we'll all see what we can manage. Be Safe.

November 2020 Status

At this time we are not expecting a regular PCSSL 2021 season -- with many local county health departments very worried about rising caseloads it seems unreasonable to expect our regions to be given sufficient access to their fields and facilities to commit to a preset schedule of registered teams.

Nevertheless, we do expect conditions to improve eventually even if the clearances come too late for us to manage a formal season.

So, rather than a full season, it is our hope that for Spring 2021 PCSSL can serve as a way for regions to connect with each other to find out what playing opportunities might exist across our five areas for those teams that can manage to find the resources to play safely. At any time during the rest of MY2020 (even well after your season would normally start) if your region is fortunate enough to have local conditions that satisfy the requirements for safe play between teams of families from different communities, then let us know and we'll do all we can to connect you with any other regions enjoying the same fortunes and we'll help facilitate any games that we can.

Yes whatever happens for Spring 2021 is likely to be rather ad hoc, but PCSSL wants to help wherever we can to keep our kids excited about playing soccer.

As regions reopen PCSSL will work to see what parts of our schedule we can resume. At this point enough regions are closed through the end of March that we expect the earliest we can resume games will be in April. Updates will be posted here.

Welcome to AYSO's Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League!

The Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (PCSSL) is an AYSO run league which enables AYSO Regions on and near the San Francisco Peninsula (AYSO Areas 2A, 2B, 2C, 2J, and 2N) to have a "select" soccer program during the spring season to complement the normal primary programs run by these regions and areas.

Games are played on Sundays and the season runs from the first weekend in March through the latter part of May or possibly into June. Each team is generally scheduled 8 games over these 12 weeks (each team is given the choice before the season starts to opt out of playing on certain weekends due to tournaments or other known conflicts). PCSSL is a league of teams and does not handle player or volunteer registration -- each team's home AYSO region is responsible for player registration, volunteer registration and obtaining fields for games to be played.

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